Saturday, December 23, 2017

Viting Card

Your VISITING Card is a sing of your behaviors relations and politeness. Whether you handle them your VISITING card by right or left hand. To the person you are handing you VISITING card. Whether you are showing your good attitude or bad or you are handing to make it  worth in return from them. Whatever card you have printed is having good or adverse effect on your planets , also your god is blessing you at not. VISITING card helps fulfilling in achieving success , builds more hast , and also helps you expand your business .

(1)  Your visiting card is the sign of your politeness , speech and feelings  towards your work .
(2) Whether your card has good or adverse effecs over your planets .
(3) Whether God's blessings come true or go wrong ?
(4) Visiting card is also a sign of your success , destiny , your intrest and trust in your work  .
(5) Visiting card is to get the good results and good expansion in your successful business  .
(6) Planets are the main guide in your life , they never misguide you , What do they want to tell you ? Do you know that ?
(7) Its results are te very best and shows you many miracles in life .
(8) Use : visiting card , letter head , cover stationary , hoding , monogram , symbol of your shop ( work )  office and furniture , etc .
(9) We can get the required results by relating planets and colors with ' VASTU '


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