Friday, October 21, 2011

vasthu dowser for negivive & positive energy finder

How to use the dowser:
             To measure the aura of the person:
Ø First step is to see the photo no.1 and the position of both the persons.
Ø Switch on the dowser. When you switch on the music starts.Stand like a person who has the dowser in his    hand (if you are going to measure the aura of another person).
Ø Hold the dowser as shown in the photo and make sure that the dowser is straight, stable and not moving. 
Ø  After holding the dowser in right position, take a deep breath and get relaxed.
Ø Then give the command to dowser to measure the aura of the person standing in front of the dowser.
Ø Then go back slowly as shown in the photo no.2.
Ø Go back until the dowser moved in the opposite side and the music stopped.
Ø  Stay there where the music stopped and measure the distance between both the persons.
Ø The distance is the measurement of the aura of the particular person.
Ø Generally the size of the aura of common person is about two and half or three and half meters. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Healing a person during (Shiv Yog Shivir -  Baroda)

Photo captured using Kirlian Photography